What's New

  1. HEET v2.0

    New Feature: Custom Code Libraries now available.
    New Feature: Service Organization subscription tier now available.
    Updates to Account Information page.
    Added ability for users to delete house files.
    Website updates.

  2. HEET v1.8

    Hot2000 11.12 now supported
    Added new BC Step Code metrics including reference metrics.
    Subscription pricing model now available.
    GHG and ACH comparison graphs now available.
    Improvements on app loading time.

  3. HEET v1.5

    New Feature: Companies are now available in Account Info allowing users to share files
    "noswapheet" allows users to leave certain elements unchanged when performing simulations.
    Foundations have been expanded to support a broader range on upload.

  4. HEET v1.4.17

    New Feature: Downloadable HEET Reports
    Audit logs now support manually entered blower door test data
    Request Username function
    Website main page update
    Website optimization
    Added manual BDT data to audit log
    Type 2 heating system efficiencies displayed incorrectly in audit logs

  5. HEET v1.4.0

    New Feature: Hot2000 Input Error Scanner on File Selection
    Annual Maximum Thermal Load Display
    Window heat gain/heat loss display
    Comparative Reference House Heat Loss/Energy Use graphical information
    Release Notes page added
    Changes to website layout
    Changes to window display in Base House Info
    App layout changes
    Removal of some window information in Base House Info
    Auto Stepper bug fixes
    Window Explorer bug fixes
    GHGI Metric Display